NextGen Innovation Award

About the Award

Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter is embarking on a new initiative to stimulate and encourage creative solutions to the challenges of homelessness. The $5,000 NCS NextGen Innovation Award (Award), supports the work of an emerging leader who is advancing new approaches or methods addressing issues related to homelessness in New York City. The Award has been generously endowed by The Fullgraf Foundation.

This is the signature project of NCS’s NextGen Committee, as it fosters the next generation of leadership in this arena.

About Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter

Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter (NCS) provides housing and support that can transform the lives of homeless New Yorkers. Since our founding in 1982, NCS has been the model of a community response to homelessness, earning a reputation as a premier service provider, modeling strategies that yield positive results for homeless people, many with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. We have created housing and programs that are innovative approaches to addressing the problem, including pioneering permanent supportive housing for adults and, later, creating housing and programs specifically for homeless young adults and youth aging out of foster care. We have also conducted research to inform practices and improve services for chronically homeless individuals. Cutting-edge research conducted by NCS has led to programmatic advances, including the development of Chance for Change, our unique program designed to address the overlapping challenges of homelessness and addiction.


  • Candidates for the Award may study or work in a range of disciplines, as long as they can demonstrate the impact of their proposed project on homelessness in New York City.

  • Candidates must be an emerging leader who is advancing new approaches or methods addressing issues related to homelessness in New York City.

  • NCS employees, their family members, and family members of the Selection Committee are not eligible.


Applications for the inaugural award will be due by 10/15/2019, with the winner to be selected by 12/15/2019 and announced at an NCS event in early (January/February) 2020.


  • The Award recipient will be expected to provide a written report on their work or such other final end product described in their application within a 12 month period.

  • The Award recipient must provide an interim progress report that reviews the project goals and implementation plan no later than 6/15/2020. This report should be no longer than 500 words. Two additional 250-word quarterly  updates are expected no later than 3/15/2020 and 9/15/2020.

  • The Award recipient will be expected to attend an NCS event at which their selection will be announced and two subsequent events to report on and discuss their findings.

  • The Award recipient will agree to grant NCS a non-exclusive license to use or publish the end product of their work and, where relevant, will obtain any necessary consents from any other party with an interest in the work. The Award and featured end product will be highlighted by NCS in our social media, press releases, and community outreach. NCS will also seek to apply the work within our own programs where appropriate.

Selection Process

The initiative will be administered and overseen by the NCS NextGen Award Subcommittee, who will review all submissions and designate 3-5 finalists for consideration by the Award Selection Committee. The finalists may be contacted for an interview. The Award Selection Committee will choose the recipient based on criteria including relevance, originality, feasibility, and potential for impact and replication.