Resident Accomplishments

Thanks to your support and the hard work of NCS staff and and of course the residents, many have had successful summers that are cause for celebration!


In early July, Louis Nine House resident, Tyler, started an internship working as a Program Aide at Harlem Children's Zone's Peacemaker Program. Seeing his history of work with children at summer camps, the OPTIONS Vocational Coordinator referred him to HCZ. He loved the experience and the responsibilities that came with it and has been asked to come on officially as an employee this fall. Congrats Tyler!


Muray, LNH resident and aspiring fashion designer, had a summer internship in merchandising at Yankee Stadium through the Summer Youth Employment Program! She enjoyed her experience as an intern and has stayed on to continue her work.

Listen to Muray talk about her career goals in the LNH 10th anniversary video:


On August 23rd, Dawson, a resident at LNH, graduated from a nine month program at Apex Technical School. With the backing from a scholarship given by one of our donors, Dawson was able to finish the program without having to worry about the tools he would need or transportation each day. Looking forward, Dawson is excited to put his new plumbing and construction skills to use and is even considering future employment with the MTA.


As summer ended, Tihirah returned for her second year in the classroom to teach children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the Bronx. Tihirah is passionate about what she does and is excited to be back.