NCS launches Community Education and Engagement Initiative

In January 2018 NCS began a new pilot, the Homelessness Engagement and Leadership Program (HELP),  which offers workshops and information cards designed to create greater understanding about homelessness, dispel misconceptions, and raise awareness of how concerned citizens can help to address homelessness in their communities.

Through HELP, NCS initially offered a workshop to educate community meal program volunteers on how to interact safely and productively with homeless men and women, particularly those who might be mentally ill.

Responding to interest in the community, we have repeated this initial training and developed a second, more general workshop. This broader presentation looks briefly at the current homelessness crisis in NYC – who is homeless, the causes of homelessness – and then focuses on concrete steps attendees can take to help. With these workshops, we hope to educate volunteers and other community members about homelessness and engage them in action to support programs that can reduce homelessness and improve outcomes for those living on the streets.

HELP workshops address frequently asked questions and equip participants with actionable information and resources. HELP will be offered to organizations including houses of worship, schools, businesses and community-based organizations. 

As part of HELP, NCS has also created information cards for people who want to help homeless individuals but who may be unfamiliar with the most effective avenues. With these cards, citizens can help address their immediate needs, connect them to resources for longer-term help, and strengthen their connectedness to the community by demonstrating that there are people who care. At NCS, we believe that people inherently want to help and just require the knowledge and resources to do so effectively.

To bring a HELP workshop to your organization or request HELP cards, contact:

Rebecca Kabat: or 212-537-5142

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