When Nikole first arrived at Chance for Change she was homeless and struggling with substance abuse. Over time she became more engaged with the program, addressing her own internal issues, growing as a person, and becoming more involved in the social aspects of Chance for Change. She began volunteering both in and outside of the program and now has a part time job. Today Nikole has found her stable life; she has stopped using drugs, has an apartment in the Bronx, and hopes to go back to school and receive training to help others turn their lives around.

At Chance for Change, Nikole has also found expression through poetry.             



Never thought there would be a day I would really care,

until I realized, life is just not fair.

For the most I can really say,

 I am happy and sober today.

I’ve tried all different ways,

But on my own, happy and sober never stays.

So, the importance to me to maintain help, staying clean to be alert, helpful communication and therapy.

I know what that means without counseling, therapy, groups and support, without awareness I can FORGET all my good DREAMS.

I do not and will not hurt anyone anymore including ME.

I’ve taken the sickening blindfold off and now can see.

My face is clear

My eyes are bright

I have energy through the day and can rest at night.

I want to keep a smile, but this one that is real


I know I won’t always be happy, sometimes sadness I feel

But, for today being SOBER means starting over.

I am okay since I can still write, talk, touch and walk. I can look forward into life God has given me as Chance for Change is where I’m Free.

I thank all of you for being so kind and take it from me with the right help PEACE and HAPPINESS you too can find.

So I end this assignment with best wishes to all stay strong and don’t worry if you fall

Like me try to see this place is where to be for friends, love, hope and a family.