Community Human Services Information and Referral Program (CHIRP)

The Community Human Services Information and Referral Program (CHIRP) provides information and referrals to those in need of but disconnected from services. NCS started CHIRP because many free meal programs are staffed by volunteers who lack the resources to respond to requests for information and referrals for other services needed by guests. Our human services professional offers information for shelter and housing, public assistance, counseling, mental health and substance use treatment, and a variety of other issues at free meal programs including: Church of the Epiphany, Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York Common Pantry, and St. James' Church.

In addition to placing a counselor at meal programs, NCS also distributes Street Sheets, pocket-sized guides to resources on the Upper East Side, including meal programs, shelters, referral services, drop-in centers and other services in the area. More than 10,000 Street Sheets have been distributed on the Upper East Side.

We encourage you to print and carry a few copies of Street Sheets. If you would like copies sent to your organization to distribute, please contact us.