Recreational Specialist

Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, UES, New York City

Shift: Includes some evenings and one weekend day

Basic Function: The Recreational Specialist is responsible for creating, planning and conducting a wide variety of organized recreational and leisure activities at the Residence every week. The individual will lead structured group programs designed to improve and maintain the general health and well-being of the residents. Examples of these activities are arts and crafts, games, sports, dance and movement, exercise, drama, animals, music, community outings, and culinary projects.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Planning a monthly calendar of activities with weekly events designed to encourage the fullest participation possible in concert with the NCS Residence Director, Program Manager, and Case Managers

  • Shopping for, preparing and hosting meals for the residents with special planning and menus for holiday meals and events

  • Using therapeutic interventions that are consistent with the needs of the residents; utilizing the NCS Residence staff, client data, observations and interactions with the clients to determine when they are needed

  • Attending weekly NCS Residence staff meetings

  • Tracking all client and group activities, ensure that this information is documented through sign-in sheets and/or other supporting materials

  • Submitting monthly statistical information for internal and government reporting

  • Promoting all planned activities with flyers, posted schedules and calendars and conducting outreach to the residents, encouraging them to participate in the scheduled activities

  • Administering the recreational budget, while providing all receipts and materials related to expenses

  • Monitoring clients as they take their medications, when needed

  • Working with the Director of Volunteer Services to identify needs for volunteers and coordinate in-kind donations

  • Supervising volunteers at the NCS Residence

  • Working cooperatively with staff at all levels to ensure quality service provision and participating fully in an interdisciplinary team approach for resident treatment

  • Performing other duties as assigned


  • High School diploma

  • Minimum one year experience in organizing recreational or leisure activities

  • Computer proficiency

  • Experience in social services working with homeless, mentally ill, chemically addicted, and elderly populations preferred

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred

To apply, please send cover letter, resume and salary requirements to